Reduce your electricity, water and gas costs.

We have solutions for your company. An expert team and a range of technical services that provide our customers with cost-reduction solutions.

About Us

Filotipo comprises of four partners,

all qualified in different engineering disciplines and skilled in the energy and water sectors. Our dynamic team is extremely customer focussed and consistently driven by results.

Our Mission

To help our customers reduce their energy and water bills, whether they are individuals or a business.
Foster lasting customer relationships through the benefits and quality products and services that Filotipo provides.
Ensure that Filotipo maintains a level of profitability that guarantees the company's sustainability.

Our Journey

Filotipo was founded by two of the current partners in 2009, to seize the window of opportunity that emerged through the liberalisation of energy markets. The company has since undergone significant and sustained growth, expanding its range of products and services. The trust of customers such as Unicer, Altis Hotels, Pestana Group, Brisa, Ikea, FC Porto, CM Porto, Matosinhos and Maia, has helped us achieve a market position that allows us to forecast an optimistic future. We opened the doors to a showroom focussing predominantly on led lighting, in 2015.


Green Key